Zoroaster speaks on topics to aid humanity in the new millennium

The words on this website were spoken by a human voice but came from a non-physical source.

Peter Brandlen (the voice) referred to himself as a “psychic telephone”, meaning that he was the hardware, or conduit, for this information. He recognized that the information did not originate within himself.

Peter was many things- husband, friend, teacher, and artist. He was far from fallible, which he laughingly admitted anyone could see from observing his life. When awakening from trance, Peter remembered nothing of the information he had spoken. He merely offered his body to a loving teacher in order to speak to us on the physical plane. We listened and hopefully used the information relevant to our journey. Although Peter has made his transition from the physical plane, the teachings of Zoroaster, spoken through him, are timeless and timely.

The actual speaker behind the words is a non-physical being whom we address as Zoroaster. Those of us who spent time with him as a teacher and friend fondly call him "The Old Man" or just "Z". He described himself as a “Three - In - One” being, speaking from a perspective of Balance, Harmony or Justice. Though he usually taught as the kind, loving, fatherly Zoroaster, he also incarnated on this earth as Zarathustra, Buddha, and Jesus (whom he referred to as "The Young Rabbi"). Zoroaster's teachings contain nothing that is in disagreement with the essence of these masters.

The first topics being presented are known collectivly as the "Five Step Formula". The steps may be accessed from the top 5 buttons on your right.

We hope you will find words of value and comfort within, and that "Z" will bring to your life the Love and Light He shared with us, and shares with us to this day.

The Staff

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