“And He gave up His life in sacrifice for all of humanity,” thus, the recording of the deed of the Young Rabbi, and because of that, humanity for the past 2000 years has found no equal in all of the world. And yet, what was that about? We touched upon it several months ago, but what did it serve? Humanity misunderstood, just as much, if not all of the ministry of the Young Rabbi was misunderstood. Humanity interpreted within the confines of a destiny of thought-not realizing the multi-levels of all that had transpired, not realizing the true knowledge and wisdom that had been opened to all of humanity. It was to be the ultimate answer for all of humanity concerning blood sacrifice. It was the completion for all of humanity-the completion of an era, the completion of a millennium, the completion of a Perfect Thought, for it allowed humanity to see the completion of the perfect human being and to move beyond that understanding to the next level of exalted consciousness, which is Divine-Consciousness.

All that the Young Rabbi did was an example to all of humanity, not to be a narrowing of thought- but rather an expansion of thought. All that the Young Rabbi did was for the example of humanity. Not once did he place blame or fault upon the soul of any human being, so his was the completion of victimization. His was the completion of self-sacrifice. His was the completion of self-denial. His was the completion of that blood sacrifice-the total completion, and it was desired by him that from that example, humanity would propel itself forward to the next level of Knowledge and Understanding because everything had been given to humanity-all of the tools, all of the keys. Humanity was told that death of the physical body was unnecessary, that through enlightenment, through awareness-one may do as one desires or wants, that one has complete authority and abundance in all things, that death-in reality-does not exist, that if one chooses one may ascend in to the next level of Understanding-which is Divine-Consciousness. Now that is Love! It has been misunderstood. It was thought that the sacrifice alone was the ultimate statement of Love. The ultimate statement was the entire three years of the ministry; it was the entire 33 years of the existence upon this plane, realizing all aspects of being.

What was not realized was that the Young Rabbi knew, experienced to a certain degree, and definitely understood, the negative characteristics within himself as well as the positive, and consciously chose to move beyond that-encompassing all of it and moving beyond-moving through 13 steps within the Christ -or Love-Consciousness and finally attaining the level of Divine-Consciousness. That is the example. And you see, within each of you here, is that desire and that memory that this is possible. If there were not that memory, not that desire, you would not be here. You would not be involved in this type of science that is metaphysics; you would be very secure and very happy within a particular sect of a religion. So there is knowledge, there is memory that there is more, and each of you have participated in it-within the confines of linear time-at least once before, and many of you three times before when this was offered to the world. Each time it was a different tune of the same thing-Love.

Now you may follow the literal example, as has been given, just as one may follow the literal translation of various historical works that are placed within one volume; or you may absorb that literal translation and understanding and expand beyond it. Your life-We have said over and over again-is the totality of your being. We are not speaking of just one finite existence that you now enjoy upon this plane. Your life, the totality of all experiences, are being brought to bear NOW! It is from that knowledge that you will augment your own awareness and teach others, through example.

You do not have to be crucified, dear ones, in order to learn, and yet think, in your own lives, how often you have allowed yourselves to be the sacrificial lamb under the terrible burden of self-imposed victimization. We come to you-We, not only this entity representing three essences of life, but all who now and will continue to channel for a period of time. We come to you, saying to you, “Humanity, you have chosen a time of Love. You have chosen a time to share Love, and We choose this time to share Our LOVE with you! It is total; it finds no fault. It places no blame-not only on humanity but all other creatures, seen and unseen.” Think of your lives, dear ones. Think of your lives now, and We have emphasized for months that it's the end of patterns-it's the end of that! We have been foretelling this for years. What is important is to remember that each of you has dealt with the more outstanding aspects in your lives and now you have begun a new direction, and what is that direction? It is Love, and it begins with self! If you did not love yourself you would not have even attempted to address those things that have been big issues in your life. If you did not love yourself you would not-this very moment-be addressing those subtle issues in your life.

You must realign your thinking. The time of self-denial-as outlined and understood by humanity-has passed. The time of false humility, false pride, and false modesty has passed. It was a useful tool and now it must be set-aside for a more appropriate, sophisticated one, which encompasses what has gone before and moves ahead. The time of denial of who you are is past, and if you attempt it, from this point on, you will find that your life appears to halt. You will feel as if you are on a treadmill going nowhere, because it is that inner attempt of the conscious mind to maintain a past pattern, and We spoke concerning the conscious mind having a prime directive- the integrity of the physical body. Now it is being placed in a situation that is unknown, so it reverts to its prime directive, and in an attempt to maintain that physical integrity, pulls at the past like one who pulls at old familiar clothes about the shoulders for security, for warmth, and will hide in the corner of a dark room.

But the sun's out! The sun is out and about. It is a time of joy; a time of celebration that has begun. It is the time of Glad Tidings and renewal of belief. It is a time to share your Love that has always been there, simply shackled by your own deceit. Those shackles have been broken. The shackles were density, narrowness of thinking of whom you are, and acceptance of whom you are. They are gone; you can no longer have the affection for those shackles-and make no mistake-you have had a great affection for your shackles! That is Love-loving yourself enough to realize that you have perpetrated all manner of disaster and adversity upon yourself for a purpose-to learn all that you are, to realize throughout, your true power as a soul. But it was not a terrible gift-it was merely a gift, and now We give you another gift that is, in many respects, perhaps greater. Who's to judge? But the gift is the acknowledgement of all that you are-the realization that you are the culmination of many aspects.

Ask yourself, are you still afraid? Do you still have fear to acknowledge your power as a soul? If the fear exists still, it is simply because you have become accustomed to a past pattern, but it cannot sustain itself no matter what you do. You can never go backward in your thinking, not now. Know that the sacrifice for each of you is not a blood sacrifice. The sacrifice involved now, dear ones, is to relinquish the patterns of destruction and adversity that have been so familiar-in whatever form-in your life. True, each of you may say, “Ah! Well, that's no sacrifice. I can do that standing on my head.” Can you? You've had the opportunity many times, but you have been reluctant. Well, now your own super-consciousness blending-or attempting to blend very well with your conscious mind and subconscious mind- no longer allows you to retain that old pattern. Through the sacrifice that each of you make-by setting aside those adverse patterns-you will provide the example to all others, and also set the example by accepting all of the power that you are.

Oft times as We talk to individuals, they will say, “Ah, well, I desire to be a great teacher! I desire to be a great healer. I desire to be…” whatever. It is already there. It would be better to say, “I desire to recognize that I am already a great healer.” Once the commitment is made to the self out of Love then it must follow (because you are the Co-Creator) that all knowledge, all understanding, is brought within your own consciousness and awareness. That is an unselfish gift of Love, and one shares that with any and all others, just as it has been given. That is the ultimate Love.

When one thinks of the two Universal Laws, or Cosmic Laws if you will, the human mind says, “Oh well, that is wonderful. It is a beautiful philosophy-Total Non-Judgmental Love-but it is impossible to apply!” Well, one overwhelms oneself in order to maintain a certain type of servitude to a dense idea. Do not overwhelm yourself. “Total Non-Judgmental Love”, what is that? It is seeing and recognizing all of the power that you are- that you are capable of all things, that nothing, in truth, is hidden from you, deliberately, by any source. You still may maintain the integrity of your preferences, and you may not judge another! You cannot, no more than anyone has the right to judge you, or can judge you.

Each human being chooses by free will all that is within a life expression for them; there is no holding back. Some paths are more appropriate than others in order to achieve the purpose or goal set forth, and it is not necessary that all other souls understand why choices have been made. All that is necessary is that the beauty, the power, that is the Creative Source within each soul, be recognized, acknowledged, and loved unconditionally; unconditionally placing no fault, no blame, no limitations on your love. This is the same message given over two thousand years ago, and all miracles are performed through that understanding. (We use the word “miracles” advisedly here because it is simply something that is paranormal-an auxiliary phenomenon in the human consciousness because humanity wishes to think in finite terms.)

Do you wish to move that mountain behind us? How far- five feet, two thousand miles? What's to stop you? Collectively you created it. What's to stop you from moving it, collectively or singularly? Nothing! How is it moved? It's moved though Love. Well, all well and good, what does that mean? It means the power within each of you. Humanity talks of power-electrical power, nuclear power, waterpower, wind power, sun power. Those are elements, brought together to create a chain reaction producing power. Each of you contains more power within your being than all of those types, or methods of producing energy, and yet you still don't believe it, sitting here. But it will come-the belief, the understanding- it will come. Each of you is working toward that ultimate goal which is Perfect Love. Perfect Love is the recognition of who you are, and you see, when you recognize who you are, then it is the most perfect prayer to the Creative Source.

The Young Rabbi recognized his true being and -in that recognition-was able to transform all situations, including the physical body. That was the example to all of humanity-Perfect Love, and that is defined in several ways, I suppose. Various types of love are included in that-it is the culmination of all things-the love of a child for a parent, a parent for a child; the love of a spouse, one for the other; the love of a lover or partner, one for the other. But it is a human and soul love for another human and soul that is what We address this evening.

To say, “I love those drapes, love that chair, love that smell…” is to dilute that meaning to the point where it becomes worthless. Now, why? Why has humanity perpetrated that thought? It is another defense mechanism. If you dilute the concept of Love enough-to where it becomes a meaningless term-then you do not have to recognize your own power. You dilute the concept of your own power, and humanity has been doing this for centuries-perpetrating this terrible lie. You see, if you wish to alter your life, stop diluting the concept of Love. Stop “loving” your drapes and your chairs and your colors and your food. Start “liking” them, and create the energy that is necessary in order to better understand the power that you have.

We have visited humanity in this life expression for over ten years. We give our knowledge and our Love (which is the same) freely. Thereby, We give our power freely. Does that mean that there is a finite amount, so that We use up our power, that We use up our Love? Of course not, because our power, our Love, is without limit! It comes directly from the Creative Source (even though you do not always know who She is!) (Pause) (I thought that might brighten up someone's day! Because It is both- it is without gender, so it is equally true to say that She created all of humanity and all of Creation-one and the same. We have no problem with that- neither should you.) So, by restructuring, by projecting a new path-a new opening for yourself-begin to augment. Bring into a greater understanding and truth, what Love is in your life. It is the power that you possess as a soul that is without limit.

We have also stated that “In the Beginning, there was the Word and the Word is Love.” It is a power that is expressed in movement and rhythm within Creation. As We talk to humanity now, this evening, and all of the years before and the years yet to come, as We speak to you We project our Power, our Love to each of you. In the process of doing that-because it is given freely from the mind and the heart-it enhances your opportunity to express your Love to yourself and another. Do you not feel that after We speak, somehow your life has changed? Now it is not important that I do something with that, but is each of you recognizing, for a period of time, total Non-Judgmental Love within another soul-the recognition of who you are and the exuberance, the joy that follows from that recognition. Do you not wish to feel that joy, that exuberance, all of the time? If so, you do not have to wait for once a week, you see-you may feel it all the time. You may realize that every soul has that same energy and is capable of sharing that with another. That is True Love.

Set aside the sacrifice, the self-denial, the false modesty, the false humility, the false pride. How many of you, with false pride, say, “Ah, yes. Well, I've worked hard all of my life to achieve what I know now!” Why? Why have you worked so hard? That is false pride. You didn't need to work that hard, all you had to do was recognize who you are. Look in the mirror-not only the physical body, but beyond that. Humanity takes pride in the most dismal things. If it is to be true pride, then take pride in the power that you possess as a child, a rightful heir, to the Energy that is the Creative Source-that is worth your pride. That is dignity; that is integrity-there is nothing selfish or egocentric in that. It is a pure statement of truth, and that is what you are about. You are learning with the conscious mind the truth that you already know, and now the time for all humanity in this life expression has commenced in order to establish, within the recognition of that finite human mind, Total Love. This is the time when humanity will move through those 13 levels of Christ-Consciousness. It has begun.

Each of you is part of it. Each of you has decided to be a part of that vanguard that establishes it, and therefore, there is a responsibility. Because you have chosen to be in that vanguard, the responsibility is that you recognize truly who you are and what you are about. There is no turning back, dear hears. You have made your choice and you will follow through. Yes, you may attempt to delay it for a time, but it makes no difference. You have signed your own agreements here; there will be no breech of contract. There is only one ultimate authority and that authority can be frustrating because they judge you. You have your final answer, and it's a wondrous thing! Why would you ever want to turn back on that agreement? It is an agreement that leads you toward infinity and exuberance, an abundance of joy that you have glimpsed from time to time but do not yet fully understand. Case in point: think of all the times in your human existence, in this life expression and those yet to come, when you have been with other human beings at a moment of great acceleration, whether it was a patriotic response to the strains of a certain martial music, whether it was seeing humanity compete together for excellence within the bonds of friendship and camaraderie, whether it was, as just recently, individuals joining together to remove the whole concept of starvation or lack in one's own country as well as others. If it was, for instance, recently the joining of people together-the physical beings-in order to do something to aid fellow human beings, then think of that joy, that exuberance that type of activity elicits in your mind and in your heart. And I say to you that the joy, the happiness, the Love of which you possessed is one-thousandth of the total! And what you felt, possibly, within such an activity as We mentioned, was one-millionth of what is possible within you. You have before you so much, dear friends!

Share who you are. Share the glow of your being-that is Love. The Creative Source speaks directly to each of you in your own heart; those are words of Love. They are your daily constant supply of Energy and Love, and in that, the realization of your power and who you are-the rightful heir of All-That-Is. Then act accordingly; act with Love and authority, because Love is our authority. If someone says to you, “By what right do you attempt to help your fellow human beings, your fellow souls?” The answer is obvious: “By right of birth! By right of being a Co-Creator! By right of being a part of the Creative Source!” You have every right in all of Creation. The other individual that might have made such a statement, or asked such a question, is one who feels threatened. Be compassionate, not angry, because that individual-as yet-does not see as clearly as you do. So take the scales from their eyes, the scales from their ears. Let them see clearly, let them hear clearly-that is the example; that is the ultimate sacrifice you may give to yourself and all of humanity-to stand up and be the power that you are. That is the ultimate statement of Love, the ultimate prayer to the Creative Source. There can be none that is greater; there is none that is greater.

Allow your heart, the physical being, the emotional being, to swell to the point that you feel it is about to burst, and share the bursting of joy with all others. Choose whatever form you desire, whatever vehicle- it is not important. All that is important is that it be shared, that it be the example. Perform miracles! If you need permission I give it freely, and then give permission to yourself to do it. Perform miracles; perhaps only small ones to begin with-don't overwhelm yourself. Perhaps it was inappropriate to say, “Move that mountain now,” because some of you might have thought that was overwhelming. Start with small miracles if that feels better to you. Of course there are some in the group this evening that do not like to start small; even the mountain is too small for them. (Chuckles) But that's all right, too.

It has begun. Be Aware! The old has passed away. Say a prayer for the dead, move on, and rejoice in the birth that has taken place, because it is true that as one thing ends, another begins. You have begun a new life-new lives-greater understanding of who you are, your power, your Love-that is what is happening now.

Well, we hope that We have shed some light on certain areas during these many weeks, and keep in mind that these are five steps that you can utilize at all times. When your life appears to have stopped, check yourself. Get out the pad and pencil and say, “Ah! Where have I not been Honest? Where am I not following my own Truths, my Beliefs? Where am I not Respecting myself? How am I not providing Justice to myself? How am I not giving my Love to another human being, another soul?” By living those things and understanding them, you literally propel yourself through those levels of Christ-Consciousness, because it is a constant unfolding. Why do you think that the Eastern religions think in terms of lotus petals-the thousand-petaled lotus-or the other, the thousand -petaled chrysanthemum? Why? Because that is the concept. It is a constant Unfolding to Awareness; so utilize that.

So, until such time as We will meet again, may the Love and Light of the Creative Source be forever on your lips and in your mind and in your heart, and may you begin this evening to share your Love with at least one other human being, and thereby double the energy, the light and warmth. Our blessings to you and to all whom you love and cherish.

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